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Greetings Wikians,

I am the research director at Wikia and I'm excited to announce our new Find your Tribe user quiz. Some of you may remember the last quiz we ran earlier this year, which helped us to better understand what the community here loves, prefers and wants to see on WIkia.

In the last quiz over 60,000 Wikians participated, and this time around we want to take it a step further. We want to help you find out more about your interests and where to indulge in those on Wikia!

So how does this all work? We have again partnered up with VisualDNA, who helped us design and deliver the quiz to you. Your answers are then anonymously profiled and a sophisticated algorithm will match you to your tribe (To find out what we mean by tribe - take the quiz!) and offer you wiki recommendations.

The quiz is completely anonymous and the results are aggregated so we can have a better understanding of our fellow Wikians. This is part of an ongoing effort to utilize data and insights to enhance our tools and services and ultimately improve your experience on Wikia. The more honest you are in your answers, the more precisely we are able to relate to your needs.

Got questions? Feel free to post them below. We would also love to hear about your results!

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