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Congratulations, Kharneus -- winner of our #Superfan Trivia Contest!

Kharneus is a regular contributor on Brickipedia, and, as winner of the #Superfan Trivia Contest, has curated our homepage with his favorite wikia communities. Explore his picks!

Screen shot 2014-07-16 at 8.58.56 AM
Screen shot 2014-07-16 at 8.59.14 AM
Screen shot 2014-07-16 at 8.59.32 AM

We asked Kharneus a few extra questions about what makes him a Superfan:

  • Q: Kharneus, what inspired you to become a regular contributor on Wikia?
  • A: I've been using Wikia and its communities for several years now, but few months ago I thought I could start giving something to the community. So I started with some little contributions like corrections and photos. It felt good and it was also fun, so I started contributing regularly.
  • Q: We know you're really active on Brickipedia, so what's your all-time favorite LEGO world?
  • A: My all-time favorite LEGO world is LEGO Marvel Super Heroes as I just love Marvel Universe!
  • Q: What do you think defines a "superfan"?
  • A: In my opinion superfan defines someone that is extremely enthusiastic about a thing he or she really loves.

Huge shout out to Kharneus, and everyone else who participated in our #Superfan Trivia Contest.

Stay tuned for a new round of Wikia trivia next week -- YOU could be our next featured #Superfan!

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