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Hello Wikians!

Here at Wikia, we're always looking for fun new ways to get to know our communities better, so we created a questionnaire to learn more about what you love and how we can create the best Wikia experience possible.

Ipad mini retina display

Where do you go to find news about your favorite TV show? How do you tell your friends about the latest new game? Answer a few questions to complete the survey and you'll be entered to win an iPad Mini!

Please note that if you state that you are under 13 years old or over 55 years old, the survey will end. It will also end if you enter all 0's for the number of hours you spend watching TV, watching movies, and playing video games, or if you say you spend $0 on movies, TV, and video games. The survey is intended for those between the ages of 14 and 54, and who watch and spend money on TV, movies, and video games."

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