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Problem with chat

So, I am having a rather strange issue. When on chat I get no posts, no one logging in or out notifications, no pings from my chat hacks, nothing.

I type, nothing shows up. No names (even my own) are showing up along the side.

I refreshed, relogged, reset my browser and computer and still nothing. I know I am not blocked or banned so what could be going on?

I also did a virus scan (nothing came up) and a disk defrag (nothing came up here either).

In addition to this, I tried three different chats and I had the same result.

-my own wiki chat, my friend's wiki chat, and the community wiki chat.

I just tried with a third browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox) and I still have the same issue.

I did a disk cleanup and cleared my browser cashe and still nothing.

I also tried my alt account; same result there.

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