Attention, new users! A lot of you seem to be unfamiliar with the details and restrictions of Wikia, so allow me to illuminate to you what is and isn't appropriate.

Blog Posts

A Wikia blog is not a Facebook blog or Twitter. To write a blog, you have to say something informative. For instance, you wouldn't write about yourself on a Wikia blog, because Wikia users tend not to care about your life. No offense intended.


The worst possible thing to happen to a Wiki is it turning into a SPAM WIKI. When this happens, the Wiki has a high likelihood of being deleted as soon as staff finds out. If this happens, your only options could be either repairing it all yourself (which includes deleting every single useless page), or clearing the entire Wiki and starting over again from the ground up.

Wikia Articles are not for seeing what button does what, and they are not for feedback (that is usually reserved for blogs). A talk page also is not a chatting area. Unless the Wiki encourages it, like if it were a creative Wiki like Short Stories Wiki or Door of Doom Wiki, chatting is strictly prohibited.

User Pages

This is optional. You may explain your history on Wikia, if you have any at all, you could put up an image (which can be risky, as some Wikis prohibit images uploaded for user pages), even provide links to your favorite pages. User pages are not articles; giving negative feedback about someone's avatar or image is not welcome. The talk pages of Admins are usually reserved for requesting deletion of certain pages, alerting to spam and for alerting to problematic users.


For those of you who still use Monaco, there is an option to use a few widgets that perform various functions. You can view popular pages, see what hasn't been edited in a while, even see what complaints have been filed. Then there's the famous Shout Box. The Shout Box can be a chat box, granted, but it can also be used to warn about problems on the Wiki, such as spam or false information. The reason for its removal, however, is because of people using it as a risk-free "spam box". The widgets used to exist as informational devices and helpful tools, not for wasteful activities.


I have noticed at least two Wikis where the users seemed to be unaware that a Wiki site is not a Facebook account, and have made Wikis about THEMSELVES. Apparently, I'm no expert, but I never saw anything that said that this is okay. And in the case where the address is something like "" or ""; it looks almost like rickrolling for Wikia spammers.

Also, for more "accurate" information, see Community_Central:What_Wikia_is_not.