Hi everyone! My AJ Username is NeonGalaxies. I will tell you my whole AJ Story, so sit back.

I joined Animal Jam in December 2012. In 2011 my bestfriend (not anymore) Steeve, showed me this website called Animal Jam. She said she had been playing since beta, but she wasn't rare/beta. I began my adventure in August 2011. I tried AJ and I hated it. I had no idea what to do, I didn't even listen to Lisa. XD So I quit AJ a couple months later, and then I came back in 2012 and my user was ilovedogs20212. In June or July of 2013, I changed my user from ilovedogs20212, too EmoPups4Life. Silver101 called my username gay, offensive, especially to Emos. If he was smart enough, he would know "Emo" stands for "Emotional". Emotional Puppies? Wtf is wrong with that?! Idk, but anyways. In November of 2013 I quit EmoPups4Life and told my buddies too add EvilRoseofEternity, my new account. A month later I quit Rose and joined VanillaCreamPowerr. I was happy with the user for a couple of months, and then somebody made a username VanillaCreamPower. When I joined VCP I thought there would be someone with 1 r, so I put 2 in my username. Anyways, VanillaCreamPower copied my wolf look, wolf name, bunny look, bunny name, and copied my den exactly. To be honest, I was pretty freaked out. I am one of those people on AJ who hates if somebody copies their look, our ANYTHING in that matter. So sometime in January I sent a username request too AJHQ for the username "NeonGalaxies." I gotta admit, I am SO HAPPY with this username. I wanted too experience myself as a Neon, and now I am one!

Well that was my AJ Story, thanks for reading! :)