• Neowikian

    I am immersed in hunting for Wikias on my favorite programming languages (language itself, changes, standard libraries, new/popular applications, frameworks, libraries, servers, services, etc.)

    My favorite languages at the moment are:

    • Python (version 3)
    • Jython
    • JavaScript (specifically ES6 flavor): peak sub interests—Firefox WebExensions, AngularJS, Node
    • Groovy (just got re-interested in it)
    • Java (mostly JS6E)
    • AppleScript

    The thing I want to improve on the most at the moment is to get way better at writing JavaScript in a functional programming way.

    Ironically, I want to write my Python with less functional programming, and more list/set/dictionary comprehensions and closures. For example, I think it would be fun to write a very simple web browser th…

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