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Hack the world

Nia Kr June 19, 2016 User blog:Nia Kr


Sorry i forgottot to put it in the title


Fine.So all i waned was just to tell you about the comic i still work on.

I named it 'Hack the world' as you can see.Is about four people who break they're friendship while trying to stop the world from destruction.Two of them were involved in this morre then the outhers.This two helped create the virus 'Sekai o hakku' because they were manipulated by some bad organiztion.This is what i was thinking about I will not go into details.


Sorry about that i left it blank for some time.When i created it i wasn't sure what to write and i went back to the home page. It turned out that in this moment there were some problem and the block stayed blank(thanks for telling me in comments).Whatever i got mad and left it like that sorry if it was bottering you.I won't make the same mistake again.


Sorry for my English.


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