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  • Nightfern

    Hi! It's Nightfern.

    I was wondering how many Warrior-Cat related wikis there are out there, based by the Erin Hunter phenomenon. Warriors Wiki is really well know, but there's a lot of great wikis out there that aren't.

    I'm admin on Warriors Share Wiki, a small, puny wiki that with the help from some users, is large, well-known and loved by many users.

    I created this blog post for admins or normal users to show off their wiki, advertise, make some friends, tell something about it, and trade and share ideas (but no copying!). From fanfiction to character to role-playing, tell the world about your wiki here.


    SnowsongHer kits... and her secrets lie in the fate of StarClan...

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  • Nightfern

    Picture Problems

    December 29, 2010 by Nightfern

    Hello, Wikia! I don't know if you've noticed this (you probably have), but I just wanted to draw attention to a problem all wikis are having with pictures. Here's an example:

    The little bar, where it says "Added By Nightfern", is not where it should be. It's floating above these words! It's very irksome.

    Also, when their is an empty picture frame where it says 'Add a Photo', you cannot upload an imagine because of ads blocking it.

    Just wanted to draw attention to that.

    And if you don't see where the "Added By Nightfern" is floating, your browser might not have it. But here are some pics. These are from THIS wiki, and I've circled the area of concern in bright red.

    Have a nice day, NightfernNew Years is coming

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  • Nightfern

    Templates and Such

    December 10, 2010 by Nightfern

    Hi guys! I'm the admin and bureaucrat at Warriors Share Wiki, and I was wondering if anybody would be so kind to show me how to make user boxes and stuff. So thanks, everybody!

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