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Nikhil Sharma

I am not a follower .. I am a LEADER .. !
I don't want to depend on others ..!
I live in a world which I creates
And my dreams are even better than YOURS
I don't play with your rulez .. I don't even need to .. !
Cuz I make my own .. !
I do wateva i wanna do..!
I just dont care wat you think .. ! !
After all .. I am the not BEST.. !
But am not like the REST..!
I believe in myself more than anyone .. !
This is who I am & what I am !
I just don't give a f*ck to those who live on rules not made by them and for them !
I am not a HYPOCRITE .. for I make my life wid my own rules.. !
I do wat I want ! !.. And say wat I wanna !
And I don't care the after effects..!
Just please don't disturb me .. !
ONLY me and MY RULES ..!!

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