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  • Nikolai Banks

    I love to give Sannse kudos for her amazing blog How to Get Unblocked, it has inspired me and in some ways her blog relates to Matthew 5:25, why I say this is quite obvious. As Jesus said in Matthew 5:25 "Come to terms quickly with your accuser while you are on the way traveling with him, lest your accuser hand you over to the judge, and the judge to the guard, and you be put in prison."

    Or in those terms, its best to come to terms quickly with the Admin you might of had problems with before, or any other user you have had a bad past with, it is better to come to terms of an agreement with your accuser, remember as a community, we work on a daily basis with each other, no matter if we are Admins, Staff, Mods, VSTF or normal users, it is far…

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  • Nikolai Banks

    To all Wikia users of this Wikia and all Wikias in general, Happy New Year, and may you all each have an awesome and wonderful New Year! Anyway here is a little something for those who read.

    Three years ago I was only a stranger to this Wiki, shy at first but soon made myself a home, as the years went on, I met some pretty amazing people, some were kind, some were harsh, yet were fair and just, some showed passion and caring, and this is what made them amazing, despite the flaws each of us have, we each have something special about us too, and we show it in different kinds of ways, I know there were times I made some mistakes over the years, and there were consiquences for some of the mistakes made over the years, only thing I say, I apolog…

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  • Nikolai Banks

    Bug on Wiki Chat

    July 11, 2012 by Nikolai Banks

    Well starting today I noticed a glitch on Wiki Chat, the glitch is here [link} and since I got on today, its just been the Redwall Wars Wiki Chat that has that glitch, and oddly other chats don't get that glitch, is anyone from Wiki Staff or fellow users, getting the same problem as me? and if so, how do I fix this issue, and IDK if its my browser or something else.

    Again the Wiki Chat is acting up, refresh your pages and you see what I am talking about.

    Ok it seems that Wiki Chat is not working for anyone, what is going on with the Wiki chat today? Has something gone wrong with the chat or something? -_-

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