To all Wikia users of this Wikia and all Wikias in general, Happy New Year, and may you all each have an awesome and wonderful New Year! Anyway here is a little something for those who read.

Three years ago I was only a stranger to this Wiki, shy at first but soon made myself a home, as the years went on, I met some pretty amazing people, some were kind, some were harsh, yet were fair and just, some showed passion and caring, and this is what made them amazing, despite the flaws each of us have, we each have something special about us too, and we show it in different kinds of ways, I know there were times I made some mistakes over the years, and there were consiquences for some of the mistakes made over the years, only thing I say, I apologize for some of those mistakes I made over those years, I care for each and one of you, each of you are a friend in my eyes and I am lucky to have met the amazing people on this Wiki and all the other Wikis, as a new year starts, let this year be the year of amazing achevements for each of us. Let this year be one of love and forgiveness for each and one of us, and most of, may this year be one of new understandings towards new and old users alike, thank you all for being a friend, and may you all have a wonderful New Year.

From yours truly, Nikolai Banks (talk) 18:58, January 5, 2014 (UTC)