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  • Niktext

    Message To Wikia

    March 6, 2012 by Niktext

    Hello Everyone,

    I would just like to say Goodbye to everyone I have met here on community Central and thanks to everyone who has helped me! I am now leaving Wiki as I was planning to. I thank everyone once again for all the help and such like that! Wiki has been a fun experience and I have decided to leave just so I can go on in life with other things. Community Central has been a great place for me on Wikia and I have enjoyed every second I have spent here! A time of fun and I even learned a bit of Minor coding and editing along the way! I would also like to thank Wiki staff for making all of this a good experience for me! I will no longer be editing on any other wiki and I plan to only answer urgent messages! I thank you all for all the f…

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  • Niktext

    Hello one, Hello all who have come. I am announcing the very big release of my new techno Wiki the Super Wiki.

    There we not only talk about technolagy but we also go into stuff like media and tv shows and stuff like that. We need some people to help set it up because i will have a large launch event. So come on down and check out the first few edits and help us make more

    P.S i already tried whose wiki needs editors so that will not be good info to have in comments i know already!

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  • Niktext

    HELP I have a user problem

    November 27, 2011 by Niktext

    I am worried a user will report me for no reason because of a threat on a chat can anyone help me plaease i do need assistance!!

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