Hello Everyone,

I would just like to say Goodbye to everyone I have met here on community Central and thanks to everyone who has helped me! I am now leaving Wiki as I was planning to. I thank everyone once again for all the help and such like that! Wiki has been a fun experience and I have decided to leave just so I can go on in life with other things. Community Central has been a great place for me on Wikia and I have enjoyed every second I have spent here! A time of fun and I even learned a bit of Minor coding and editing along the way! I would also like to thank Wiki staff for making all of this a good experience for me! I will no longer be editing on any other wiki and I plan to only answer urgent messages! I thank you all for all the fun! Goodbye everyone. I will never forget Wikia!

Thanks and goodbye everyone!- Niktext 23:35, March 6, 2012 (UTC)

Goodbye I will never forget Wikia it has been a pleasure all the way!