hello everyone. i just wanted to tell you the current events and get this off my chest. so, a few years ago, i had a dream. at first, it was me, just chilling in my fathers pharmacy and using the internet. but afterwards, when we were about to leave, a clown-like creature whom i had never even met before or saw anywhere, appeared. my father couldn't see it. it followed us even when we were in the car. it was truly horrifying. but then that part ended and another came on. i was in a very big mansion or castle, i couldn't really tell. it was HUGE. and i was with a bunch of friends. we were just exploring the abandoned building. i cant remember what exactly happened, but we encountered strange and powerful creatures we had to either fight or escape from. i still hadn't realized i was in a dream, so it was even more terrifying. i soon lost both of my friends in a bathroom. somewhat it was shaped like a public one. i turned around and found a turning table, with a few stacks. (the ones you use for cakes) it had a mask on it. a hokey mask that was bloodstained and looked very old. then it disappeared. i looked around once more and saw a bloodstain on the wall. i panicked. i knew what was coming. i didnt know how, i just did. then came banging on the wooden door. i was very scared. i cannot explain the horror i felt in words. i caught a glimpse of a pale face with a horrible smile and then woke up, panting and sweating. but i was very glad it was just a dream. i soon fell sleep once more, but the dream continued. i was running from the pale faced creature, my hair turned blond( somehow) and then, an amazing thing happened. i stopped in a weird stone made building to catch my breath, but then the creature stopped behind me. i was about to run again when...i looked behind me. it was just a normal boy, crying. i started saying things i dont remember, and then he stopped and smiled. the only thing i remember was what he said last: " my name is jeff." i later on searched that name up, and jeff the killer came up. but that was when i first learned about the creepypastas, so how could i dream about them?

after that event, two years passed. i knew about the creepypastas enough. but then i had another dream that day. it was just as horrifying and strange as the last. it was the creepypastas in cages. in literal CAGES. and i was there, examining them. then i came to the last cage, that was playing the song of unhealing. i knew who it was instantly. ben drowned. but when i looked inside, it was only a computer. but then something jumped at me and attempted to grab a hold of me. it was Ben himself, blood running down his face. but it wasnt then that i panicked. it was the moment he had broken the cage and was chasing us that i did. i started running and reached an elevator. but BEN was faster. before the doors closed he came in WITH us. but he didnt do anything. he just stood there, staring at me. we reached the top floor and it was shaped like a hotel. i went into a room and attempted to close it, but BEN came in after me. ( again) but this time, he layed down on one of the beds. he patted the space beside him. thinking he wanted to kill me, i refused. his face turned into a very twisted smile. " come lay down. now." he said. i gulped and did as he said with fear. but he didnt attempt anything. we just layed there for a while, not doing or saying anything. then BEN started lighting fireworks and throwing them on the room floor. but then finally, BEN stopped and put something in my ear. scared it might explode i took it out. but this continued until i gave up and let it rest in my ear. and then, when he wasnt looking, i took it out. it was just some paper tissues. not knowing what this meant, i just threw it away. then BEN spoke. " sleep. i wont be here when you wake." were his words as my eyelids got heavy and i fell sleep. i woke up to morning light, and there was BEN, on a black motorcycle that floated, leaving out the window. i woke up after that.

then, the last event. it happened just recently, a few days ago. i saw a husky when i was waiting for the taxi. and it was in iran, tehran, when i had gone on a vacation. and huskies dont exactly live there because its so hot. they either get killed or run away. walking very slowly, it glanced at me. it had a very strange face, and it was panting with its tongue out. it was a great 4 or 5 feet away from us. but when i pointed at it to show my parents, they didnt say anything and just boarded the taxi. later on i asked them about it, but they said they hadn't seen any dogs or huskies. but then, i am not one for imagining things, and i am sure it WASNT a dream, because my parents said we WERE boarding a taxi, but there just wasnt any huskies there. when i think about it, the husky had a strange teeth. it was too far for me to make it out, but as i said, its face was kind of twisted. and it was very thin.

so thats all. i hope you will help me understand these events. they just seem to be happening without warning and i cant do anything about it. thank you, NINA