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    KSK vs. SAS

    February 5, 2011 by Ninjacow321

    KSK vs. SAS

    A custom battle.

    The KSK germanies elite commandos vs. Britian's prideful SAS. Both of these organizations are extremely similar in purposes so who would come out on top?


    Close range: Sig p226

    Medium Range: C8 Carbine

    Long Range: L7a2 LMG (FN MAG)

    Explosive: M72 LAW


    Close Range: HK P8 (USP)

    Medium Range: HK G36

    Long Range: Rheinmetal MG3

    Explosive: Panzerfaust 3

    Sig p226: This handgun isn't new to anyone. We've seen it on navy seals vs. Israeli commandos. It demonstrated that it was an extremely accurate 9mm handgun. It holds 13 shots and weighs roulgy 28 oz. It's been adopted by many special forces around the world. It replaced the Browning HI-power by the SAS as the weapon of choice.

    HK P8 USP: Also known as the USP. It's a 9mm han…

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