A custom battle.

The KSK germanies elite commandos vs. Britian's prideful SAS. Both of these organizations are extremely similar in purposes so who would come out on top?


Close range: Sig p226

Medium Range: C8 Carbine

Long Range: L7a2 LMG (FN MAG)

Explosive: M72 LAW


Close Range: HK P8 (USP)

Medium Range: HK G36

Long Range: Rheinmetal MG3

Explosive: Panzerfaust 3

Sig p226: This handgun isn't new to anyone. We've seen it on navy seals vs. Israeli commandos. It demonstrated that it was an extremely accurate 9mm handgun. It holds 13 shots and weighs roulgy 28 oz. It's been adopted by many special forces around the world. It replaced the Browning HI-power by the SAS as the weapon of choice.

HK P8 USP: Also known as the USP. It's a 9mm handgun it weighs rouly 2 pounds and hold 15 shots. It's a Heckler and Koch meaning it's reliable (nothing beats german engineering as some say).

Edge: Both of these pistols are extremely similar. Although the P8 holds 2 more shots I don't it makes a big difference. Both fire 9mm rounds hold roughly about the same ammo and weigh about the same. It's a draw.

C8 Carbine: The SAS brings in a canadian version of the m16. It fires the standard 5.56 nato round at up to 950 rounds a minute. It holds 30 rounds in a clip with great accuracy being an m16 variation. It weighs rougly 6 pounds unloaded it was made in 1994 as a updated version of canada's standard c7 rifle.

G36: This weapon was used by GSG9 in SWAT vs. GSG9. It weighs around 8 pounds loaded. It accepts a drum mag holding 100 shots but is usually used with 30 round stick mags. It fires the same ammo as the C8 (5.56 Nato) and fires up to 750 rounds a minute.

Edge: For a direct comparison, they both fire the same ammo, the c8 shoots faster, both are extremely accurate and weigh about the same. However their is one deciding factor, the g36 fires up to 200 meters more than the c8. The g36 can fire up to 600 meters while the c8 is limited to 400. The g36 takes the edge for it's great range.

FN MAG (L7a2): This is the basis for the popular m240 variation of it. It fires 7.62 standard nato rounds at up 1,000 rounds a minute and weighs around 25 pounds. Being a lmg, it is prone to jamming. Which could cause a gunner his life. It uses the m13 link, the same one we saw disastrulously fail with the m60 on somali pirates vs. Medellin Cartel.

Rheinmetal MG3: Unlike the other 2 guns this weapon is not a heckler and koch. It's a variation of the german ww2 era mg42. It fires 7.62 nato ammo at up to 1,300 rounds a minute, and weighs rouly 25 pounds. It doesn't use the m13 link and has a somewhat different feed system. It can use a drum magazine which are more reliable than a belt fed ammunition source.

Edge: After viewing information I can see a superiority in one of the weapons. The MG3 can fire up 1,200 meters while the MAG can only fire up to 800. The MG3 also fires faster and is more reliable. When all this is added up the MG3 gets the edge for more reliability, range and rate of fire.

M72 LAW: For clarification no I did not get this from Cod. This is one of the worlds most commonly used light anti-tank weapons. It weighs roughly 2.5 kg and has a effective range of 200 meters. It's also in use with the US army and marine corps. It fires a 66 mm explosive as well and isn't even a meter long.

Panzerfaust 3: The germans have their own anti-tank weapon. It weighs roughly 13 KG. It fires either 60mm or 110 mm warhead and fires up to 600 meters effectively.

Edge: I think this is obvious. The M72 LAW is smaller and a fair amount lighter the Panzerfaust 3 has a bigger explosion and far greater range. Although I like how compact the M72 is the Panzerfaust gets the edge.

Again the battle isn't supposed to be high quality.

5 SAS members parachute onto a plain. They look out across a field layered wtih grass. To the right are trees. Hiding in one a german mounts his mg3. Behind him 4 other germans are setting up positions. One of the SAS members turns right and hears noise near the forest roughly 20 feet away. He orders his men forward and they begin advancing towards the forest. The KSK members fires. His mg3 spits out bullets killing 2 of the SAS members. However his gun jams afterward. SAS=3 KSK=5

The other SAS members charge the forest. The germans open fire but the SAS members emerse in the forest. They look up in a tree and see the KSK machine gunner. One raises his C8 and fires killing the gunner. KSK=4 SAS=3

The 3 SAS members are surrounded by trees. A german emerges firing his HK pistol. It hits one of the SAS members in the head. The other SAS member raises his sig however the KSK member quickly hides behind a tree. The SAS member charges the KSK member hiding behind the tree. He turns the side of the tree and ends up a foot away from a KSK member. The SAS member fires first killing the KSK member. KSK=3 SAS=2

The other SAS member runs behind him. They move forward nervously when a KSK member fires from behind a tree with his G36. It hits the SAS member in the leg and his ally grabs him. They move to cover behind a tree. The SAS member not having a clear rifle shot reaches for his M72. He fires in the general direction of their opponent killing him. SAS=2 KSK=2

The SAS member breaths now relieved of the enemy fire. However fire erupts from another direction. It kills his already injured ally. Acting quick the SAS member mounts his MAG. He fires in the direction of the fire. He hits one of the men in the chest. The firing ceases and he believes that is it. SAS=1 KSK=1

The SAS member runs to his killed ally. He sees him dead and pauses and stares at the corpse . He looks around for enemies and doesn't see anyone. However from a tree about 550 meters away, a KSK member aims his panzerfaust in the direction of the previous firing. He fires a single warhead, it lands within feet of the last SAS member killing him. SAS=0 KSK=1

Winner: KSK wins: 541

HK P8 USP: 43

G36: 256

MG3: 123

Panzerfaust 3: 121

SAS: 459

Sig p226: 44

C8 Carbine: 221

FN MAG: 106

M72 LAW: 88

Ending Assessment: Both of these special forces had extremely similar training. To a certain extent weapons actually played a difference. The KSK had the ability to kill effectively at long and close range. Their weapons had greater range then the SAS's allowing them to kill the SAS members before they got close enough. The