Village of the Banished Nomes

 This is an assignment I did for class where I read one of L Frank Baum's OZ creations and made a world with in his world, using the rules, and ideas learned from my reading. I wrote a short travel log that summarizes my creation. 

Travel Log

         Traveling the mountains avoiding the Metal Monarch, I came across a wonderful village, found up in the mountains well above the ground. The people of the village were Nomes, not your typical angry Nomes , but happy Nomes, whom have been banished from the underground village they use to reside.

              They have built into the stone, carving out their homes into the walls atop the mountain. The whole village surrounds a town hall. 

The town hall at its very top point is the highest part of the mountain. It is built with a series of cascading stones, and in the walls, there are embedded crystals, and other minerals, allowing the interior of the building to light up during the day. These crystals and minerals represent the town’s main source of trade, and their means of survival.

The town’s leaders are the multiple personalities with in a single Nome named Scrum. Scrum has multiple personalities, for he was bounced around and hit his head too much in the rubber forest, so much that he became confused and ended up on the other side of the cavern and in the metal forest. He became lost and wandered for many years. 

When he became so alone, he developed his own friends in his mind. 

Scrum is the founder of the town, after he wandered upwards from the metal forest, and came out at the very top of the mountain. The town was created very fast, for each one of Scrum’s personalities partook in the creation of the town, when one got tired the other would start working. You can see each of their personalities through the construction