Usually SML ideas suck, but mine are amazing. Please get these ideas to Logan. Jk

  • The Murderer- Bowser JR and his friends prank call a random number, and they soon find out it was a serial killer close to their house. He comes over and tries to kill Bowser Jr and his friends.
  • Luigi the babysitter- Mario was walking down the street and finds Luigi his brother homeless, he offers him 1,000 dollars if he could babysit Jeffy for 2 nights while him and Rosalina go on a vacation. Luigi, unlike any charecter, gets along very well with Jeffy. So when Mario comes home Jeffy persuades Mario to let Luigi stay until he gets on his feet. ( This video would also get a lot of Jeffy haters to like him again )
  • Mr. Nice Guy- Brooklyn T Guy's brother comes to live with him, and eventually everyone likes Does Good Things Guy more than Brooklyn T Guy, now Brooklyn T Guy will try as hard as he can to get his brother out of his house.
  • DagNabbit- (I know the title is stupid but it is a good idea) A new kid arrives at school named Nabbit, he steals a lot of things from the classroom and the other students, eventually he gets caught and is put into jail.
  • Bowser the Angel- Bowser finally meets Charleyyy, and now thinks everything is good in life, so he becomes a great dad and a great person in general. He lets Chef Pee Pee go and gets and gets a job. Hopefully that trait sticks with bowser if this video gets made.

That's all, please tell me what ideas you have, or you could make a thumbnail to these ideas, and also tell me if they are good ideas and maybe I can find out a way to get these to Logan. Probably not though.