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User blog:Nobody Cares/ShoutWiki is greedy for money and is trying to get Wikia contributors


ShoutWiki is greedy for money and is trying to get Wikia contributors

Ever since Wiki released the awesome skin of Wikia (Known widely as Oasis), ShoutWiki is trying to get Wikia contributors. ShoutWiki now has Monaco, the stupid thing is they don't know that Oasis is better than Monaco was, plus they think they can steel the Wikia wikis and contributors in one day? Well NO. ShoutWiki sucks hard guys, the last time they tried to get Wikia's contritutors was by getting Monobook when Wikia changed to Monaco, then they got Monaco after Wikia changed to Oasis? Now that's the stupid thing about ShoutWiki is that they have NO originality, plus "Modern" and "Chick" was originally from Wikimedia and DreamHost.

That's how I prove that ShoutWiki sucks hard and Wikia's better.

-- paul mccartney   Songpedia The Beatles Chat  Contribs   08:57, January 17, 2011 (UTC)

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