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What's Your Favorite Nick Cartoon Wiki?

This is a new contest hosted by the same user (Noggin shows rule), asking voters to vote for their favorite Nick wiki about a Nickelodeon CARTOON wiki. Now, wikis like Big Time Rush, iCarly, VicTorious, and other live-action/sitcoms out of the contest.

Also, looks like the FIRST contest's ended! The prizes go to...The Backyardigans Wiki!

SAM 4018

There are many Nickelodeon cartoons - that means many Nickelodeon wikis. What is YOUR favorite wiki about a Nickelodeon cartoon? Nick Jr. cartoon wikis count, too. The creator of the wiki with the most votes recieves a SpongeBob SquarePants CD, a Nickelodeon Magazine shirt (I have a lot), AAAHH!!! Real Monsters (a Nick show from 1990s) action figures, a SpongeBob SquarePants watch, and a bag full of Nickelodeon CDs and toys. There is only one of each prize, meaning that if there are two or more admins, the original creator can only recieve these items. The contest ends on February 19. Please vote for wikis by commenting on the bottom of the page.


The winning wiki has to have more than 100 pages, which takes wikis including Dora the Explorer Wiki and most Nick Jr. wikis out of the competition. The winner does not have to be famous, have a spotlight, or a winner of a different contest. Wikis cannot have more than one vandalized page, which takes more Nick Jr. wikis out of the competition. (Wikis like The Backyardigans Wiki and The Blue's Clues Encyclopedia are allowed, because they have no vandalism and more than 100 articles)


  • The Nickelodeon Magazine T-shirt will only be given if winning wiki's creator states their size.
  • The SpongeBob CD is called SpongeBob's Greatest Hits'.
  • The pack of toys includes SpongeBob figures, iCarly
  • If anyone insults Backyardigans wiki, the wiki they voted for will ABSOLUTELY be disqualified. Sorry.

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