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    Ways to Make your Wiki Shine!

    October 22, 2011 by Noobe

    There are many ways to make your Wiki shine. I will tell you as such ways:

    Do not make it offensive. (example: "") You may offend people from that country, or others as well.

    Do not diss' any particular Wiki. (example: "") They may get their feelings hurt.

    Set a Rules page! (example:go under fourms and set a Rules page aobut your Wiki. Example being: No cursing. No abusing multiple accounts (ect.) )

    Do not make any rude pages.

    Tell people why they should join your Wiki. Give the ups AND downs and how they could help the downs go up. :)

    Be INVOLVED in your Wiki. Some people make it and do not edit it saying they have a Wiki they do not even contibute to. If you make a Wiki, expect to contibute it. …

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