There are many ways to make your Wiki shine. I will tell you as such ways:

Do not make it offensive. (example: "") You may offend people from that country, or others as well.

Do not diss' any particular Wiki. (example: "") They may get their feelings hurt.

Set a Rules page! (example:go under fourms and set a Rules page aobut your Wiki. Example being: No cursing. No abusing multiple accounts (ect.) )

Do not make any rude pages.

Tell people why they should join your Wiki. Give the ups AND downs and how they could help the downs go up. :)

Be INVOLVED in your Wiki. Some people make it and do not edit it saying they have a Wiki they do not even contibute to. If you make a Wiki, expect to contibute it. Unless, some emergency is enact.

Treat everyone fairly. People wil lwant to leave if they find you let someone do whatever they want, while they have to follow the Rules (as mensioned above)

Be specific in your main idea. Do not leave it oblivious.

Ban if you need to. Do no be scared. Even if you need to ban a friend of yours.

VERY important. If you said something, but you did not think the other person meant what you said, they could easily come back here and report you to Staff. So, if YOU think you said something like this, report to Staff (or and Admin ON that Wiki, unless you are the founder) and tell them what you meant.

Create your own ideas. Do not steal from others. They may find out and people will not want to join your Wiki.

Try not to argue with others.

No rude language.

And really.... Just have fun!

These are just a few tips. Add your own in the comments and I will add them later! :) Noobe