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aka Nybor :) ( don't forget the smiley face)

  • I live in The zoo... ( I love animals!)
  • I was born on November 28
  • My occupation is Eating, BEING AWESOME and loving and cuddling animals. ( Especially babies...)
  • I am Female
  • Nybor1611*


    October 31, 2014 by Nybor1611*

    Allabouteverything Is a site, or wiki, where you CREATE, IMAGINE , EXPLORE and HAVE FUN.

    You can make ANYTHING from cars to food to dresses to houses in minecraft.

    Please join and I hope you like it.

    I made it for people to create almost a world with their imagination.


    AGE RESTRICTIONS. It is safe for 2+ year olds. Please do not join if you are 20+, unless you abide to the rules.

    == Username: Nybor1611*

    If you want my email please ask. ==

    Read more >

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