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Last December all Wikia employees participated in our first-ever "Wikia Day" -- no meetings, no emails, no work -- just editing wikis all day long. It's a chance for us to get more familiar with the nooks and crannies of our website, root out pesky bugs, and to fall in love with wikis all over again.

December's Wikia Day was such a rip-roaring success that we decided to make it a recurring tradition. Last Friday we celebrated Wikia Day #2! Here are some highlights:

  • Part of our office in Poland tackled the 8-Bit Wiki, collecting information about classic arcade games.Go to the 8-Bit Wiki
  • The Arrested Development team added loads of new photos and videos to the wiki. Huzzah!Go to the Arrested Development Wiki
  • The Dark Souls Wiki team began creating walkthroughs to this unique RPG. They also worked on creating a hierarchy for weapons and shields.Go to the Dark Souls Wiki
  • Stan and Susan built more Top 10 lists and Quizes for the Friends WikiGo to the new Friends Quiz now!
  • Marc edited episode articles on the German-language House Wiki.Go to the German-language House Wiki
  • Micha and Johannes made 250 edits and uploaded 63 new images to the German-language Jagged Alliance WikiGo to the German-language Jagged Alliance Wiki
  • In anticipation of "Skyfall", our resident Bond fans added Top 10 Lists, Videos, and Quizes to the James Bond Wiki.Go to the James Bond Wiki
  • The Makeup Wiki team created how-tos for popular makeup techniques.Go to the Makeup Wiki
  • Danny, Tomek, Inez, and Vicky uploaded 100 new photos and created galleries of Japanese Moomin merchandise.Go to the Moomin Wiki
  • Our Moviepedia team added movie trailers for upcoming films and created a rating system for their article comments.Go to Moviepedia
  • Our music junkies added more festivals, lineups, and dates to the Music Festivals WikiGo to the Music Festivals Wiki
  • More fun from Poznan, Poland: some of our Polish office worked on the Poznan Wiki with information on their city's history.Go to the Poznan Wiki
  • Aga from Poznan created an article about candy from when Poland was under Soviet controlGo to the Polish-language PRL Wiki
  • Thorgal Wiki is a budding resource on a Viking-themed comic book series by a Belgian-Polish duo that many in the Polish office read and loved as kids.Go to the Polish-language Thorgal Wiki
  • The Whiskeypedia team meant business! They added many new photos and articles. They also tasted several unique whiskeys for "research purposes".Go to Whiskeypedia
  • Our design team gave the ABC Wipeout Wiki a complete makeover. Based on which season (Winter, Spring, Summer) the skin changes. Definitely worth a look!Go to the ABC Wipeout Wiki

We're all quite excited with what we accomplished in just one day. In our office we have folks with all levels of wiki experience from Sannse (who made several hundreds of edits without breaking a sweat) to wiki newbie Patricia, who knocked out an awesome main page for the new The Stone Roses Wiki in an afternoon.

What project would you tackle if you set aside an entire day to edit on your favorite wiki? Which of our changes do you find most inspiring/interesting for your wiki?

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