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aka Adam

  • I live in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
  • I was born on August 12
  • My occupation is Student / Front-end service Worker
  • I am male
  • Orion001

    Vacation 2015

    June 18, 2015 by Orion001

    This is for the staff and the administrators of wikia community.  I am going on vacation, for a week, some of my sites has some one running it.  But most of the site is unprotected and have no other user than my self.  This is only a limited time offer, as I mean this offer only lasts till 12:00 am est June Friday 19, 2015.  Can some of the staff check on the sites or any administrator check on the site while I am a way for my vacation.  I will be back on June Friday 26, 2015.  I will leave a list of sites I am administrator at.  All I ask is to make sure no one vandalise the site or shot down the sites.  These sites are my babies and I need to take care of them just like I take care of my cat and dogs.  You do not need to know anything ju…

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  • Orion001

    lately I am finding fewer and fewer things to do with my wiki site Paranormal Witness.  What I do know is that I have been watching another Paranormal show called Monsters and Mysteries of America.  Is it possible to add that topic to the site while things are slow with main theme or is it taking things out of contexts.  Either way, I do not want to leave my site without new information and once the show gets busy again things will return to normal.

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  • Orion001

    Category name change

    January 7, 2015 by Orion001

    How do you change a category name.  I found out that I wrote the wrong name for a category and I want to change its name.  Please help.

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  • Orion001

    Mutiny on LPS

    November 12, 2014 by Orion001

    Thank you Wiki Central for taking my right from Littlest Pet hop Wiki away. OK, I'm being sarcastic. When I left, I told user "NO" to thing I know cannot be one because of the lack of user interest in adding but trolling. Taking my custom colour and giving it to a user. User are more interest in design then improving the site information. The thing is I'm going through something personal and every time I tell someone what is wrong with me they do not believe me or under stand me. What it is I have is a anger issue. Normal anger is some one getting angry at someone for making a mistake or fighting person because he or she is something wrong, OK not good sample but something inside of me is unbalance I cannot control my anger. So telling me …

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  • Orion001

    Turning off visual editor

    November 7, 2014 by Orion001

    I like the classic editor. I will like to turn off the visual editor on all my site. I'm also missing keys on my computer. including the "a","s","c","d","x", and "z". I been using copy and paste. It is getting me angry all the time.

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