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Orion001 January 15, 2013 User blog:Orion001

I need some help, I have been blocked for the fifth time on Arthur Wiki.  This time I am blocked for a month.  I undo allot of unknown users edits.  Users say that I do not like new users especially users that are not registered.  I know in my heart that what I am doing is right because, I read first ask those it make sense, than I react.  For some reason the administrators there do not understand me.  They think just because I am older that I can get away with that stuff.  Well here is the thing, I know all my life no matter what age I am, you can not steal, you can not abuse some one and you can not teas anyone, point is that I get it I am older.  I am aloud to make mistakes, I just can not see through the edits of a unknown user.  They say I am biased against new users.  First of all I hate being called "bro".  I do have a user name.  If that is age ok, but I do not understand abreveations either.  Finally the other thing is I do have depression.  And working on Wiki sites have keep me sane for so long.  In order to keep up with my sanity and fight against making the same mistakes again can I get some help.  Thank You.

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