Thank you Wiki Central for taking my right from Littlest Pet hop Wiki away. OK, I'm being sarcastic. When I left, I told user "NO" to thing I know cannot be one because of the lack of user interest in adding but trolling. Taking my custom colour and giving it to a user. User are more interest in design then improving the site information. The thing is I'm going through something personal and every time I tell someone what is wrong with me they do not believe me or under stand me. What it is I have is a anger issue. Normal anger is some one getting angry at someone for making a mistake or fighting person because he or she is something wrong, OK not good sample but something inside of me is unbalance I cannot control my anger. So telling me to calm own is like showing a bull a white sheet and telling him not to charge. With all the problem I'm having with my own laptop. I'm surprise that the people do not see this coming. Either way I'm thinking of trying to make my own LPS site in the future. Give me your opinion on the comment page.