I am having some problems.  One, I am not getting e-mails about what is happening on my wiki sites like this one.  So I would not respond to a comment or I forget about a blog just because I forgot it.  Two.  A user is coping Littlest Pet Shop Wiki page by page.  He even coping the links back to my site.  I try talking to the user but the user would not respond to any of the requests.  The final issue is that I am trying to stop unregistered users on Paranormal Witness Wiki.  The reason for that is that the show was not meant for kids.  And if there is unregistered users it could mean they are under age or at age and will not want to be a member of wiki.  I have tryed to promote the fact that being a member of wiki is easy since all you really need is a e-mail account and be over 13.  So please help with anything.

It is getting worse.  The user in question is still copying stuff from the site and putting it on his own site.  I really want to block him for plagureism but everyone plagerise on wiki sites.  But I can not let him make a site based on the fact he was blocked for a month.  I really need a program to stop users from copying a page.

I have stopped adding new pages in hopes it would stop this user from copying everything as well as editing the pages this user made.  I am also finding people are not really interested in helping me with this issue for I never seen a comment.