This is for the staff and the administrators of wikia community.  I am going on vacation, for a week, some of my sites has some one running it.  But most of the site is unprotected and have no other user than my self.  This is only a limited time offer, as I mean this offer only lasts till 12:00 am est June Friday 19, 2015.  Can some of the staff check on the sites or any administrator check on the site while I am a way for my vacation.  I will be back on June Friday 26, 2015.  I will leave a list of sites I am administrator at.  All I ask is to make sure no one vandalise the site or shot down the sites.  These sites are my babies and I need to take care of them just like I take care of my cat and dogs.  You do not need to know anything just to keep an eye on them of any site problems.


Please answer soon as possible.