In recent days on Lumber Tycoon 2 I had encountered a tycoon'er that wanted to take a video of my mill. Thinking that this was cool for inspirations on mill builds one would accept. Accept the tycoon'er wants will put exploited or hacked material on your base so that you are recorded with their exploits or hacks on your base. This may be a new situation to some as being setup to fail is not something that should not be happening in LB2.

This then saves their material on your base and you have to White list to take it back if your not aware. If you don't know that its allowed material look at the rules and regulations of the game carefully and youtube explore to know what they all are. Unfortunately I had lost a very nicely detail mill as someone in the past had done this to me an I was not suspecting it.

If a tycoon'er wants to record your base it is suggested to decline and produce your own video and submit it yourself unless it is of a tycoon'er that has high recommendations and trusted by you.

Tycooning since the old days are about competition and getting ahead but that isn't not always the case as slow and steady wins the race. Lumber tycoon 2 isn't a race folks it about the simulation of logging and that is what makes it fun. If your interested in high tense competition your on the wrong game try stock markets or trades in real life might suit your fancy and get rich.

So watch out tycoon'ers there are some crafty players out there and they don't seem to want to play fair at times maybe perhaps they are a little jealous of your base because your a crafty and competitive builder to them in that case Good job on your mill like to see a pic when done. Till then happy tycooning and I'm glad to share my experiences.