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watches special function

Orologi March 5, 2013 User blog:Orologi

Now look at the red dot going around, I occasionally will enter the stunned state. Remembered before lying in the arms to listen to father watch 'cried' time, and it is simple good ah. "And now many young people, domestic young black girl watching this dial is gradually the domestic boom. Are pursued no longer confined to clothing shoes and hats, childhood toys, old watches became the latest object on emotion.
Recently, the little black girl cat to a second-hand old Shanghai watch, but one hundred yuan, wear the overhand wrist is special to pull breeze, "round head of wheat flour ShangHaiPai, the second the red dot on the very transparent. Countless friends for the similar. My father was also have one, he said in the past if there is no ShangHaiPai watch, will not have the girl to marry you."

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