The 22nd day of December year 1996, is the day I was borned. I’m Michael Orven Quinto Solomon.  I’ve been living in Barangay Cathedral Falls, Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte with my family over 18 years.   I’m 2nd son of Robert Solomon and Flora Quinto.  I have three siblings, two brothers and one sister.  I’m good in making friends. I have an awkward syndrome when it comes in conversation. I love dogs. I’m a shy type and emotional person. I have some things I like which are music, art, cleaning, cooking and watching movies. And I always been updated when it comes in music and movies. I’m not good in sport but I used to play badminton.  I’m a clumsy person.  During my high school days, I used to ride a motor but I’ve been in an accident with my brother and I have trauma until now. By the way, I wish to be a chef someday but I decided to turned over it because nowadays I’ve been realize I have a brother who has been reviewing for his upcoming board exams. But now, taking up the Bachelor of Science Information Technology (BSIT).  As of now being a student is hard because I keep thinking about my family. I used to  back home because I always missed my family and it keeps bothering me in the night.  Sometimes I was talking to my self that, why I have this feelings?. During my elementary days, I have experienced when my father and mother had a big fight that’s why I always coming home. I have a promise need to be granted is to build a dream house.  During these days, I have a pitiful feelings with my mother because all our neighborhood had a bad feelings for her. They tip toeng my mother as bad person. I always coming home to comfort her and to talk with her because she don’t have friend to share her feelings for REAL.  I sometimes I don’t like my mother but at any case I love her.