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  • I live in On Earth
  • My occupation is a dancer dancing evryday(But is self dance trained) (contempory dancer)
  • I am None of your bussness
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    fianl day

    July 19, 2014 by Owen thomas wiki

    here is where u say goodbye to me I amleaving today so see ya in the future the other wikia Im on are

    The Next Step wikia

    the TTTE wikia

    lint wikia

    owen Thomas wikia(my own wikia)

    Tales from the ryndale railway wikia

    disney wikia

    and those are all of the wikia I am on if u still wanna contact me

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  • Owen thomas wiki


    November 5, 2013 by Owen thomas wiki

    so alot of you guys like to go on wiki chat, well I'm starting to lose intreest in in it becaue dpmtimes bullys wanna do it and so they go ahead but we non bullys hate it is that right and I said is that right

    coment if you like my idea

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  • Owen thomas wiki

    hey guys I'm also having an other new series called criticks on sodor here you will be able to look at the intro

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    saving the world

    November 3, 2013 by Owen thomas wiki

    now guys you have heard about my new series saving the world now that is what this blog post is all about that series now here are all of the series episodes oh and one more thing thank you ribonatethecupquakes because she came up with some of the episodes and so here they are

    1. the story of my life

    2. come on trucks

    3. the journy begins

    4. friends and recruts

    5. imagine

    6. the letter

    7. tales of evil

    8. crimes part 1 the deth of susege

    9. crimes part 2 I'm here

    10. leaveing for friends

    season 2

    1. come back we need you 

    2. secets part on the go to your own of evil

    3. secrets part two to defeat others

    4. information

    5. countrys and borders

    6. wrong paris

    7. not included

    8. on our way

    9. next stop

    10 paris france

    season 3.

    1. training trains

    2. super fans

    3. autog…

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