Hello! You might know me but I am Owlfeather. I am in Soulclan. This arcticle/blog is all about me, but I'm not going to share my personal info. Just a little bit about me. My YouTube is Elf Monkey so please subscribe, like, and comment... NICE THINGS on my videos! You can also check out my google+.


I'll tell you about me and my clan now, yes, I am Owlfeather, a warrior in Souclan. Check it out, maybe you can join! My username is mlmlmia if you want to ask me questions, or whatever you want to do! My leader's username, Soulstar, is Storm88. So tell her if you would like to join, if the clan is not full. My sister, (her wiki is XEchofrostx,) Ravenwing, is also in the clan. Her username is Flrlfrancesca. You can also Jamaa Gram her if you would like. The deputy is Nightpelt, Soulsajj, and some other cats I know and that are my buddy are palm21, the medicine cat, jmt657, an apprentice, Duskpaw, Jammer75lj7, a warrior, Badger and there are many others! If you need a name, here are some I made up:






And Graymoon

(They are pretty suckish, xD! Don't blame me :D)


Onto my YouTube. My videos are mostly about Webkinz and Animal Jam. There are also a few Poptropica videos, along with some Club Penguin. My username for Webkinz is Mialacy. My username for Animal Jam, of course, is mlmlmia. My poptropica username is Elfmonkey, or if I don't remember my password, it's Miamonkey101. Lastly, my Club Penguin username is Colechole. So of course, please subscribe, that would mean a lot to me. If you want to be in my 60 subscriber giveaway, please comment the instructions in the description! But it will probably be done when you see the article/blog. I don't really do Warriors videos but I do have a "How To Make A Warrior Cat" video, so you can check it out. I can give some Warriors desgings too for your Animal Jam cats. I just did an hour ago...) XD. Let us go on B)


I will tell you my personalities. I am very sensative, and it makes sense because pisces are sensative! (Sorry to break it to you pisces, if you didn't know that. But it's true!) Here is why: If someone touches me sometimes, I rub my arm and pull my arm away. Isn't it logicaaaal! My favorite food is sushi. MY favorite color is blue. MY FAVORITE BOOK IS SMILE. It's a really nice story. It's a comic, ouo. I like elves a lot. And I get really mad and sad if someone doesn't listen to me, or I get in trouble, or I lose something! For instance, when I was 3 I got in trouble and kept throwing books at the wall like a beast! XD. My favorite drink is chocolate milk. It's awesome :3. My favorite animal is a monkey! And my favorite song is uh... I don't have one! Some songs I like are flashed junk mind, polarize, lucky strike, and a lot of other songs.


That's all! Remember to like, subscribe, and comment... NICE THINGS to my YouTube! And remember, IF YOU'RE BORED JUST LOOK AT MY POSTS AND VIDEOS! BYE!