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How to set an image as your chat background

Ozuzanna September 14, 2013 User blog:Ozuzanna

I have decided to make a short guide on how to change your wiki chat background yourselves. Just follow these easy steps:

1) Go to your chat.css page (or your chat.css page of the wiki you want to change your chat background on. For it to work on all wikis, see here)

2) Copy the following into it.

.WikiaPage {background:transparent url("link")}

Note where it says link that's where you put your image link for the background!

You MUST keep the speech marks in place or it will not work!

3) Save page, clear cache and restart browser - For how to clear your browser's cache go here

I recommend using an image roughly the same size as your monitor so it doesn't cause distortion or strain eyes.

See sample of mine here

My chat.css is:

.WikiaPage {background:transparent url("")}

Chat background on every wiki

If you want this to work on every chat you enter, go to your global.css page and put the same coding there! Note that the background in the global.css will be on every wiki page you go on, not just chat.


  • Having a local .css page will override the background in the global.css.
  • For visibility reasons, it's recommended you choose a background that is not affected by the color text you use i.e. a light background with dark text.
  • It's possible to have an animated GIF as your background.

Have any issues? Queries? Tell me on my talk page!

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