No one knows my side of the story and continues to worship this other account. Back when I was younger I used to own the FIRST Galerians wiki. I lost my password because I in elementary school when I created it. I thought to myself back in 2014, hey I wanna play on my old wikia. But then I realized I couldn't get back in my account. I tried so hard. I tried editing on my old wikia on another account of mine, but that Dosgamer00 got rude with me acting like I was a lair or something. I told him about Rion's age was 14, he got mad at me act like I didn't know the game. I have been playing this game since I was 7. Then my sister made a new one for me because of this and used to be the founder. The wikia used to be called Galerians ps1 (This was before I knew there was a Galerians: Ash, my sister didn't know it either). My sister told me about the wika some time ago and made me happy. I asked to change the link to galerians-garerianzu because I found out about Galerians Ash and wanted to write them on the wiki because I got intersted in them.  Then all of a sudden Dosgamer00 started playing on the other wikia of Galerians and kept stealing, copying, and riping off my sisters wiki. Then she couldn't take it no more so she let me become the founder and renamed her wikia account.. I tried to help I really did into WIKIA started removing my rights on my account. Took me off being a FOUNDER. I was like hey?! HOW CAN ANYONE EDIT NOW?! They act like I was a criminal or something.   My sister gave me the idea about trying to ask the wikia people to help me get into my old wikia account that used to own the first Galerians wikia back when I was younger. I told her it sounds like a great idea. I asked all the right information and one of the staff members helped me return to my wikia account. I blocked Dosgamer because I was getting sick of him bulling people on that wiki. Then he goes BLABS his mouth then got the whole world agents me. Then they removed me from account and blocked that. Makes me hate GALERIANS AFTERWORDS. 

Which I know who's behind the account. Some insaine girl that ruins my life on everything she thinks shes a guy. OH PLUS she is Not born September the 19, it's September 26.