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Spartacus Legends HELPBOOK For The Fighting Styles

1. FistA cuffs . There's equipment you can wear to get

good health, but 

MAJOR fucking downside

to going unarmed IS IT HAS THE

DEFENSE EVER!!! Great Long
Combos that are hella easy,
the Strong strikes are basically
Powerful Kicks that can stall out
opponents Combo, and possibly 

give you enough time to respond.....

how to use FistaCuffs

The best way to win is to beat

the shit out of your opponent Before

he uses his weapons on you, because

you have next to nothing Defense,

so you need 2 rely on your Offense to win, 
If your opponent using too many combos 

& your getting stuck In them,

try the Jumpkick by :: up, and triangle...

All the strong kicks work for getting outta tight spot,

remember the Grab Synquenced Combo

it's the circle button, It's not just helpful; It's BADASS!!

Two Handed Sword

My Favorite And Best Style,

It's a good offensive fighting style

that has combos that will give

a come from behind win,

the Defense wise, it's better

to get use to rolling away from

contact than blocking,

It's a good in your face!

How to use

A Two Handed Sword

Gladiator effectively

The Two handed Sword is a good style. Good Health, good D, and Good Damage.

Two Handeded Swords are a great Style Type, Effective in close to all situations, Can put up a good fight with better opponent. Try using these perks

1. No Missio

2. Jupiters Luck

3. Swift Sandals

4. Hurried Butcher

5. Apollos Blessing

6. Ignore Pain

All of those Perks help Greatly, especially "Apollos Blessing"

regenerates 25% health a second Whole Fight

"Jupiters Luck" is AWESOME.... BEST PERK IN GAME,

Perk Description::

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2. Extra Damage after parrying

2nd wind reduced Damage


Description : Defense is necessary to win fights With the Trident Style.

How to use Trident : Stay Far From Enemies reach And use the

Charge ( press X & [] Together )  mixed with combos and Strong Attacks

I personally like to overuse the charge attack It Seems to work A LOT of The time, it can get killed so be Careful

Heavy Hammer

Two Handed Hammer


Not Much But I think the Hammers Are Too VULNERABLE!!!! Better to Go Unarmed I think

They are VERY slow but very powerful it's all about timing your opponent out. Health and Ds good if you got good armor, the Strong Strikes Are good for their combos, Pankration helps a great deal with Hammer Style, so does the Charge attack, use it if losing