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Un jour de tranquillité!

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Oh... what a day! A bit boring due to an Amnesty International project for my school, but in the end, I enjoyed the rest of it... Watched two movies: The Host (2013, US production, starring Saoirse Ronan) and Iznogoud: Calife à la place du Calife (2005, starring Mickaël [Bena]Youn,  Mohamed Boufroura aka Jacques Villeret).


"The Host" is partially a typical, modern US movie; the plot is sci-fi, presenting a futuristic world, which is invaded by good-hearted alien souls. Those souls have possessed almost every humans all over the world. The only survivors are well hidden. And there is a young rebel who dies, but is brought to life again, by inserting an alien soul inside her. Now she can partially control her body... I won't continue, because I hate spoiling movies, books etc. That's why I'm going straight to the conclusion; awesome movie, great plot, but a bit predictable in certain parts and great casting! (I'm a Ronan fan...)

Now straight to the "Iznogood" movie; our beloved Iznogood wants -what else?- to become the Caliph instead of the harmless, peaceful present one. He's got only five days to become a Caliph, if not, he will have to wait for two years! A really funny movie, like every French comedy, with hilarious scenes, although Iznogood shouting is a bit too much... R.I.P. to J. Villeret, who starred as the Caliph, who died some days after the movie was released.


I've got a serious problem; I really love gaming, that's why I decided to make some videos... But I also want to continue editing my wiki here, in wikia... Aaaand that's the problem; I don't know what to do... There are so many options, but I am stuck...

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