I don't know if this is the right place to leave a complaint, but here I go. I need help dealing with a certain user. The user's name will be left anonymous to avoid conflicts. However, I wish to complain about a certain user. See, for almost a year now, he's been harassing users across Wikia, until getting banned from most of them. In time, he made his own wiki (name will also be left anonymous)to harass the people he has grudges against for banning him. One time, he threatened to hide under a user's bed and cut his throat. When the staff saw this, they deleted the blog with the threat and globally banned him for a month. He overcame the ban by using proxies, and continued his harassment until his global ban ended in December. See, he believes he is carrying out God's will by "conquering" people and by getting rid of the people he dislikes. Additionally, he came to several wikis he was banned from, overcoming his bans and replacing the content of pages with "God wills it" or simply curse words. I sent a request to the staff via Special:Contact, requesting they find a way to deal with him, and I received a reply that blamed the wiki that The User has been hating on, generally giving no helpful information. Though not satisfied, I was forced to just carry on. HOWEVER, this user is CONTINUING to do this, overcoming his ban once a day to harass and vandalize. Now, I want to know how to deal with this annoying user, who not only harasses, vandalizes, and bans people on his wiki for things that HE did, but he also threatens to get people in trouble when they don't agree with him, saying that "his mom is a lawyer", apparently believing it means he can get people into legal trouble for things that he did. Now, as I said, I want advice on dealing with him, because banning him clearly hasn't worked out very well.

If the staff would like documents saved on a drive, along with links that reveal the user for what he is, please ask in the comments, and I will get them to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for any help you can provide me with.--Shade 20:36, January 3, 2012 (UTC)