• Penguin-Pal

    The spice of chat

    September 11, 2015 by Penguin-Pal

    So, it looks like wikia has (once again) decided to take some extra code to the vet and have it put it down. It appears that now the WikiaEmoticons.buildTagGenerator function in chat filters the URLs of emoticons, and simply doesn't render any emoticon whose origin is not in one of wikia's domains.

    So my question is... WHY??? Why can't a community pick its own trustable domains and add them to MediaWiki:Emoticons? And with Chat.js not editable atm, it prevents commmunities from updating this function for filter customizing.

    If it was done for "security reason", i have my doubts about it. Due to the chain of events in the last few months, when it comes for security, wikia's domains aren't exactly in my Top 10 Most Secured Domains list. Not that i…

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