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Freddy On Fleek

Me and my friend Sara were at my brothers birthday party at this place called Freddy Fazbears pizza. We got bored, so we yelled out "FREDDY ON FLEEK!!" All of the kids and parents stared so we ran back to a office room. Me and Sara didn't know how to work the buttons so we pressed a green one which was the close door button. So we closed both of the doors. 15 minutes later we still hear songs playing and kids laughing. Then, we hear a bang on the door. Me and Sara screamed. "AHHHHHHHH!" I went to the window slowly, and guess what? It was my mom! After the party was over in the car my mom said to me, "You are in big trouble Missy!" Sara said, "Am I in trouble Mrs.Pasley?" And of course my mom says, "No sweetie." We drop Sara off. When we get home I go upstairs and grab my laptop. This is part 1. So stay tuned for part 2!

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