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User blog:PepperSupreme/Adoption takes this long?


Adoption takes this long?

For Wiki adoption you need to have at least 7 days worth of editing, but don't let that stop you from filing an adoption the minute you registered to wikia cause it will take absurdly longer than 7 days to get it reviewed. Godzillafan1 filed this adoption request on 21th of July. That's 14 days ago and it's still not done cause Staff User:Merrystar has not been adoption-finishing-active for 3 days.

Discouraging stuff if you are supposed to edit "regularly" during your adoption wait time. Not too hard, but if it's vandalized the whole time...

Is it always taking this long or is this a particular bad time? Otherwise the adoption info has to be updated.

User Signature - Moshi Monsters JudderPepPepPep Sup? ..reme.. 11:33, July 5, 2016 (UTC)

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