Hmm. You think. You were searching through a thicket looking for something or someone to amuse you when someone tapped you on the shoulder. You turn. There, glowering at you through a cerise gaze, was a lithe, pied tomcat. He glared at you for a moment, but before you could save yourself, he had pinned you to the ground. He held his pads on your cheek and flank, holding you to the ground. 

Suddenly, a shecat and wolf walked up around the tom. The shecat was grey and russet and the wolf was grey and black.

"Let him/her go." commanded the shecat.

"Yes ma'am." the tom released you then receded back a few steps, still glaring at you. The shecat looked at you.

"I am Phoenix, leader of Timberclan. You've crossed the border onto my territory. Do you have an explanation?" though her voice was warm, you could tell she was being stern. She towered over you, you were trapped in this serene clearing, wind encircling around you, three felines watching you.

You gritted your teeth and pondered for a moment. "I lost something of mine." you spat.

The shecat gave a splenetic grunt. "What'd you lose?" she asked. You didn't answer. "You didn't lose anything, did you?" silence. She yanked you by the scruff to your feet. "You need to

join a clan, and I apologize for Greyfur's actions earlier this evening." she motioned to the tom that had pinned you. "We are very loyal to our clan. Come with us, rogue, you'll like being a clan cat."


Hello, fellow clanners. This page represents that of Timberclan! In Timberclan, canines and felines work together, always. We are a traditional and/or advanced clan, feel free to roleplay whenever you'd like. Our camp is at Thorn (peppie2233's) den. He and Phoenix are leaders/alphas of Timberclan. Enjoy! 

Here we will be adding ranks and more!

Nyan Cat03:37

Nyan Cat

Sorry, inconveniently random :)


Hello, and welcome to Timberclan. I hope you, along with everyone who joins, will happily adjust to their clan and clan-mates, along with their territory and camp. I'll list a couple rules that I think you should know of; along with punishments, ranks, and more.

§  LEADERS- Phoenix, Matriarch (warriorcat1028), Thorn, Patriarch, (peppie2233)

§  REALM- Neutral 

§  STATUS- Active

§  DIET- Bird, Bat, Rat, Mouse, Squirrel, Chipmunk, Rabbit

§  BADGE- Paw print

§  TAG COLOR- Blue

§  BELIEFS- Starclan


§  NAMES- Rogue & Clan








§  KIT

§  PUP




§  (R) Rule: No Double-Clanning 

§  (P) Punishment: Exiled After The Second Time

§  (R) Rule: No Fighting Clan Members

§  (P) Punishment: Death or Being Exiled Depending On The Offence

§  (R) Rule: No Unnecessary Drama; Random Sicknesses, Deaths, Injuries, Or Attacks

§  (P) Punishment: After The Fourth Time You Will Be Exiled

Screenshot 2017-03-24 at 2.51.47 PM

§  (R) Rule: Medicine Canine/Felines Are Not Aloud To Give Birth, But Males Are Aloud To Have Mates That Do

§  (P) Punishment: The Kit/Pup Will Be Transferred To A New Set Of Loving Parents From The Same Clan; Medicine Canines/Felines Are Aloud To Stay In Contact With Their Children

§  (R) Rule: Be Active

§  (P) Punishment: A Slap On The Wrist, Or Depending On How Long You've Been Inactive, Being Exiled

And there are also some initial rules that I may not have written, so when you think you're about to do something stupid, just ask yourself, "Would I be punished if I did this?" if the answer was yes, don't do it.[1]