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Poll: What about multiple avatar icons simultaneously?

PerryH October 23, 2012 User blog:PerryH

Hello, I’m Perry, founder and admin of some wikis here at Wikia.

As you may already know, Wikia comes with a Single-Sign-On for all of its 200,000+ wikis. A useful feature! But unfortunately, this global sign-on has a drawback...

So far, it is NOT possible to have different avatars for your one single account

Why not? That multiple avatar thingy would become really handy - especially for all these game- and/or topic-related project wikis. Finally, you would be able to represent yourself with a matching Avatar icon. (Trust me, I would like it a lot ;)

To all of you who may be concerned: There is surely plenty enough storage space for it on all those huge server farms and ... a bunch of WIKI RELATED OPTIONS is already implemented. (e.g. the notification options in your user settings).

Therefore, here's a little survey for you:

Would you like to have multiple Avatar icons simultaneously?

The poll was created at 22:56 on October 23, 2012, and so far 7 people voted.

Of course, a survey like this cannot reflect all aspects. If none of the above applies to you, please feel free to comment below.

Thank you for your vote --Perry (talk) 22:58, October 23, 2012 (UTC)

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