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PhilippL November 9, 2015 User blog:PhilippL

Hello. I want to tell something about my wiki, My Miis Wiki.


Always been a fan of Wii games and liked Miis?

Then this is the right place for you! My Miis Wiki is a Wiki to create your own Miis. Tell something about them, add a photo and choose in which games you want them to appear. Do you think you are a better Mii creator than Nintendo? Show us, and create your own Miis here!



This wiki has 50 users, 4 admins, and 3 bureaucrats. The founder is PhilippL, and has over 4,500 edits. This wiki was created October 20, 2014 and is now 1 year old. You can also earn badges on this wiki!

I hope someone will like my wiki! If yes, have fun! :)

Link to my wikia:

-- PhilippL (Talk)

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