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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Greetings. This is a blog about the Minecraft Playstation Wiki, a community I adopted in May after its long period of inactivity.

    Minecraft Playstation Wiki is a community about the PlayStation editions of Minecraft (Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition, Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition, and Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition). Some information is imported from the Minecraft Wiki, but is reworded, and is fit provide information on the PlayStation editions. Are you a Minecraft fan? Do you play the PlayStation editions, and have a lot of knowledge on them? Then, if so, this might be a community fit for you!

    This community was created on September 14, 2013, by Dblcut3. He didn't really make many contributions, but he did promote other users to administrator. …

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Hey there, and welcome to a guide about a very destructive and harmful form of editing - vandalism. Now, if you are an administrator on any community, you have most likely came across vandalism on your wiki. You and some users have been working on an article for hours, and a vandal comes across and removes the all of the content! But, that’s not the only example. Vandalism can be anything from removing content, adding or replacing irrelevant and inappropriate content, or renaming the page to something irrelevant or inappropriate. It doesn’t matter which way, though, to come across this fact - vandalism is always annoying. However, there are several ways to control and prevent vandalism. That’s why I’m making this guide - to help assist use…

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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Hey. This blog is about a new wiki I created recently called the Ultimate Fanon & Roleplay Wiki, which you can find here. On this wiki, you can create your own fanon of any TV, Movie, or Game. You can also create original content and ideas. You can also create your own roleplay. Here are some basics:

    • There are four rating categories: G, PG, PG-13, and R. An admin or the creator can determine the rating. However, if the content is very inappropriate, an admin is allowed to make some changes or delete the article.
    • You can also create your own production companies, characters, and networks for spin-offs and movies.
    • Keep in mind that for movies or episodes, you don't have to film them. There was some confusion about this when I was making a blog…
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  • DanzxvFan8275

    Movie Ideas Wiki

    March 5, 2017 by DanzxvFan8275

    Hello! I'm an admin on the Movie Ideas Wiki, which can be found here. It's about creating your own Movie Ideas. Did you ever want to create your own movie? Well, you can post your movies there! It is also currently having a Spotlight request. If you would like to join and create movie ideas, feel free to do so!


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