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  • PhoenixFire82

    Yellow, some of you may know me. For those of you who don't, I'm Musky.

    For once, I'm not here to talk about why King Dodongo was the victim in Ocarina of Time, or why dodongos don't deserve to get blown up, today I'm here to talk about my most recent wiki-Transformers Prime Fanon. 

    Back in November 29th, 2010, the latest installment in the aligned continuity family of the transformers hit our televisions with the strength of a Predacon. Winning many Daytime Emmy awards, Transformers Prime was one of the most successful recent tv shows for kids and adults alike.

    With huge a Canon Transformers Prime database already in existence, there's plenty of info on the show, but have you ever wished to write your own fanfictions on the show? Roleplay?


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