aka no.

  • I live in no.
  • I was born on December 21
  • My occupation is Scratch and Roblox, animation, and coding
  • I am female (i guess)
  • PikanchuScratch

    OK so to all SU fans out there: most of us watched the episode called "The Trail", right? well then, we should all know that Blue Zircon said that Yellow could've shattered Pink. and I'm standing with Steven. (I may not be in the show or on homeworld, but whatever. I'm in the middle of a roleplay right now with my friend. can't really focus. so sorry if it's scatter minded) so Yellow Diamond has made it clear within many episodes that she shattered someone close. someone with the diamonds gem cut.. and someone... PINK! That's right... Pink Diamond.. Allow me to explain: so yellow diamond may or may not have had a close relationship with her, but Pink Diamond refused to let go of the earth. the result? she shattered her in order to put the …

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