Hello there users. If you are seeing this and are quite interested, take the time to read this:

It all started that the day right after my birthday at November 8 (We had a movie date with my mother and my BFF. And it was awesome <3), I decided to create my Wikia account. If you are thinking where I made my Wikia account, the answer is at the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Wiki. Honestly, I was thinking to make an account just to comment on certain article pages but I found out I can communicate with others more, by going to chat as well as creating blogs of various content and topics and even messaging other users.

I was such a begginner at first. I had my first reminders and reprimands of adding unecesarry categories (accidentally) to other pages, trivia that is not needed to be added and as well as the proper naming of my FANMADE images. And seeing other users have their own signatures, I decided to have one of my own as well. I did not know much of coding nor I was an expert. Until that's when I had to test myself.

At my school, I learned HTML last year so I decide to try out a few codes. It first ranged from changing background colors to expanding sizes of various fonts and shapes. It not hit me that I also could try CSS and JavaScript coding. And to tell you, I had become quite an expert with these advanced codings, particularly with CSS.

I had better communication and gained greater friends quickly. I even befriended some users who were of my nationality. I joined other wikis and learned other things. I have been hanging at various chats and talking with other users, the same time learning new things, like screencapping and figuring out a certain coding for a certain design in a certain wiki. And believe me when I say: I get to learn quickly of a certain coding in less than an hour or so.

I now will end by saying thank you to all who had befriended me and helped me. Thanks to helpful people, I strive to become a very worthwile user and contributor. As a result, I can be able to help others in return. I would like to give a shout out to my closest VSTF best friend Callofduty4, who were one of my first friends, and I guess to Cyanide3, who I might consider as another close VSTF staff. And especially to all Wikia Staff, local admins, local wiki staff, VTSF people and regular users who have been helping enough to make Wikia a better place and network for people worldwide.